Hyvässä slöörissä · sailing dinghy cruising

The First Cruise

Finally the day came, when weather and schedule permitted having the first cruise by Wayfarer on the Finnish waters. We towed the dinghy to the local bay, where we stepped the mast. It must be said, that setting up the lines was a tricky and time-consuming task. Before the next sail, it would be good to study and test the rig on ground, especially about the mainsail and boom lines. There are so many have-to-be-known issues related to them.

Launching was surprisingly easy and trouble-free. The only issue was, that we forgot to install the boat drain plugs, that caused the cockpit floor to flood significantly. After the plugs were installed, the situtation was under control again and we were able to start the sail.

The first cruise in Lake Saimaa

In the beginning we tried use only genoa, but that didn’t work well. After raising the mainsail, it was easier to point to the wind. Our cruise didn’t last for long before a thunder started to rise. We turned around and reached to dock right before the storm began. The Finnish Meteorological Institute had not warned about that in this part of the country. We were bombarded not only by water but also hailstones, with a diameter up to 15 mm! As a result of the storm, temperature dropped from 30°C to 20°C.

Completely wet we towed the Wayfarer back to ground, packed the rig over it and drove back to home, where the storm atmosphere continued by waiting the blackout to end.

Despite of all misfortunes the first cruise was an interesting experience, that raised many questions. After we have answers to them, there are better changes to have more successful cruise next time.