Hyvässä slöörissä · sailing dinghy cruising

Pieni Metsäluoto

Our chilren had wished to make a trip to Pieni Metsäluoto islet for a long time. We saw it in summer 2015 when sailing from Listinki to Satamosaari and they got attracted to it. So, as the weather was good we headed for the islet in a moderate breeze. We had a stop at Ylä-Lyly where we saw nude sunbathers (again). → read more


In the Midsummer Fest Day we did a sailing trip to Kaito island. Winds varied from light air to gentle breeze, that allowed us to admire and to photograph the view instead of concentrating on sailing only. → read more


This summer the beginning of the sailing season was delayed because of the record-breaking cold weather and for the other commitments. In general, in early summer I try to find days when wind conditions are lighter to lower the risk of capsize in cold water. Finally such a day came and we headed for Satamosaari island. The trip to there was about fitness exercise as the wind died but when sailing back there was a light breeze which took us back nicely. The day was fine and we got some more tanning. → read more

A Boat Project

If somebody had told me five years ago that I will start a boat building project one day I would have considered such a thought absurd. However, after reading about a voyage of a SCAMP in Tierra del Fuego I wanted to have a closer look on that boat type. Eventually a building project started to attract me. I ordered the plans and started to outline the shopping list and budget little by little. → read more

Meanwhile in Finland

As a family we drove by car to Kyläniemi peninsula on Easter Sunday morning. Have to say that a week ago the coltsfoots brought some hope but the same can’t be said of ice, snowsquall and frost today. Still, it was nice to admire the versatile landscape, enjoy the sunshine and listen to mysterious rumble of the ice. → read more

Yellow Hue

Days are getting lighter and warmer. According to the latest official measurements thickness of ice cover on Lake Saimaa at Lauritsala is zero but based on eyewitness’ observations there are still somekind icy fluff on the water. Finland’s Environmental Admistration forecasts that surface water temperature should reach the level of 12°C in the last full week of May. Let’s hope the conditions are favorable for sailing then. As much as the weather and the other commitments let the plan is to spend plenty of time sailing in this season again. → read more

The Picks of the Season 2016

The season started early this year but unfortunately it also ended early in our case because of other hurries. Now it’s better not to try boating on our waters. So, it’s a good time to look backwards and summarize the season. → read more