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The Picks of the Season 2018

After two modest summers we experienced a wonderful and warm season finally. The waters warmed up rapidly in May that opened access to Lake Saimaa early. Below is an analysis of the season. → read more


We sailed on Mustamaansyvä in easterly fresh freeze while 1.5 m (5 feet) waves were rolling from the port side and GPS showed our speed was between five and six knots. Neither of us had ever seen so big waves but we were doubtless of Wayfarer’s persistence to survive. The unreefed main sail and the doubts of our ability to make landfall on Lanskeri island made us to do a 180° turn and follow the plan C. The plan B would have been to beat to Suuri Pisi island but a more experience crew would have been needed for that because of the weather. Conditions were evidently toughter than 7-13 knots predicted by the marine forecast. → read more


The Archipelago Sea as a boating destination has been in our list for long. Finally there was a good chance to have a trip there. We launched from Paraisten portti slipway and headed south, towards The Archipelago Sea National Park, where the forecast predicted 7 knot breeze which would build up by the evening. → read more

Pullikainen, east shore

The objective of the day was to sail to Peräsaari and stop by Pullikainen, to find a lost ornament. The weather was tougher than predicted. At best, the southwestern fresh breeze made us to plane at eight knots in middle of white horses. The biggest waves were around one metre that’s not usual on Lake Saimaa. → read more


The forecast predicted to Lake Saimaa area from 5 to 13 knot wind with a chance of thunderstorms and rain showers. Despite of that we decided to have an overnight trip, acknowledging that we might have to look for a sheltered island if thunder would come too close. → read more

Suuri Lintusaari

For long I had looked for a chance to visit Suuri Lintusaari island which is somehow not that well-promoted destination but still seemed like a fascinating place to visit. Its sandy beaches open to west and south that are often unsheltered directions during the prevailing winds of the Finnish summer. Also, a relatively long distance from the southern harbors adds its own challenge. → read more


If the previous summer was poor from weather point of view, this summer is something totally different. The forecast predicted heat and up to from 0 to 7 knot wind for the whole day, so we decided to head for Pullikainen island to enjoy the beautiful day. We weren’t disappointed for swimming and the picnic there. Light breeze prevailed for most of the trip. Fortunately there was enough of water with us. → read more