The northern beach

The benefits of a trailerable boat were shown once again. The forecast predicted rain, light air and even thunder for Lake Saimaa but a gentle breeze and sunshine for the Gulf of Finland. We decided to head for Keihässalmi in Pyhtää, where we launched Sarastus. The day was a fine one and the gentle breeze…

On the Sea

Bypassing Mustamaa island

Gustav III was a colorful character in the history of Kingdom of Sweden. He was a talented king who reformed the kingdom different ways, including promoting freedom of speech, culture and freedom of religion. About six years after his accession he was having a trade journey with his royal naval fleet to St. Petersburg. During…



What would a summer be without a visit to Hietasaari island with swimming? We chose the more peaceful southwestern beach, as it was a sheltered shore, thanks for northeastern wind. We had good time swimming, eating picnic and looking for bilberries.


Despite of the stony bottom there is a nice beach

We had a day trip to Pullikainen. The weather was perfect as a gentle breeze was blowing and the sun shined warmly. Such conditions are ideal for a both relaxed and swift family cruising. In the island, as usual, we had a picnic, swam and looked around a bit. What a perfect day!

May Sail


This year May started exceptionally warm. During the last few days temperature reached over twenty centigrade, that has also affected to the surface water temperatures of the lakes. Lake Saimaa is over 12°C already. Since the weather was sunny and the winds not too strong, we decided to have a trip to Satamosaari island. Actually…

Summer Is Coming!

The very first Coltsfoots 2016

March Equinox was passed one week ago. Yesterday the daylight saving time started in Europe. Today we saw the first Coltsfoots and Northern lapwings (Vanellus vanellus). According to the measurements, the thickness of the ice cover on Lake Saimaa is still around 40 centimeters. So, the boating season has to be waited for still. Nevertheless,…

To Tierra del Fuego in a Sailing Dinghy?

SCAMP sailboat / Smallcraftadvisor / CC BY-SA 3.0

Remote rugged naturally beautiful places have something that fascinates our minds. If you leave the cities and head for the inland and upwards, you can end up to a mountain summit where wind and some sporadic birds are your only companions. In such a place you can feel like you were in a completely different…

The Picks of the Season 2015

Auroras near Lappeenranta

Writing this post the temperatures at the lake start to be at same level as the Barents Sea temperatures in summer, that makes it wiser for us to stay ashore. Washed and cleaned Sarastus is waiting for the next spring. We have explored several new waters during the summer and gained new experiences. Now it’s…

The Scenic Waters of Ireland

Heading for Killaloe

How does it sound to you, to sail in a beautiful scenery together with foreign sailors, who enjoy spending time on water? This kind of experience is possible in Wayfarer International Rally, which takes place annually either on the waters of Europe or North America. In this September the destination was Lough Derg in Ireland,…

Petri Island

The rudder in the clear water

What makes you wake up at 5:00 am at weekend? Probably there are many good reasons, but in my case it was seeing the clearest water of the big lakes in Finland. It was still a dawn and the rest of the family was sleeping, when I cooked up porridge, ate breakfast and started to…


Ruokkee slipway

Family sailing sets its own limits to the conditions. We had to notice that yesterday, when the wind was stronger than expected. With two or three experienced adults the situation would have been different, but now we would have had children aboard. After spending around 30 minutes admiring the white caps from the breakwater, we…

Calm Before the Reefing

At Ala-Lyly island

It was August and the weather conditions have improved clearly since the record-breaking cool and rainy July. We launched Sarastus and headed for Listinki island, where we arrived in a gentle breeze. In Listinki we prepared a meal quickly, to continue to Satamosaari island and to pick up our guests from the continent. I have…

Linnansaari National Park


Weather in this summer has not been that great, but fortunately there have been some good days too. Thw week started with two of them, and we decided to head for the Linnansaari National Park in the northern waters of Saimaa. Sarastus traveled well on the trailer without any issues. Its mahogany surface lured couple…