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The Picks of the Season 2016

The season started early this year but unfortunately it also ended early in our case because of other hurries. Now it’s better not to try boating on our waters. So, it’s a good time to look backwards and summarize the season. → read more


The benefits of a trailerable boat were shown once again. The forecast predicted rain, light air and even thunder for Lake Saimaa but a gentle breeze and sunshine for the Gulf of Finland. We decided to head for Keihässalmi in Pyhtää, where we launched Sarastus. → read more


Gustav III was a colorful character in the history of Kingdom of Sweden. He was a talented king who reformed the kingdom different ways, including promoting freedom of speech, culture and freedom of religion. About six years after his accession he was having a trade journey with his royal naval fleet to St. Petersburg. During the journey stormy weather forced them to take refugee by Suuri-Pisi island. King’s royal emblem was carved into the bedrock together with the date 14th June 1777. → read more


What would a summer be without a visit to Hietasaari island and swimming? We chose the more peaceful southwestern beach, as it was a sheltered shore, thanks for northeastern wind. We had good time swimming, eating picnic and looking for bilberries. → read more


We had a day trip to Pullikainen. The weather was perfect as a gentle breeze was blowing and the sun shined warmly. Such conditions are ideal for a both relaxed and swift family cruising. In the island, as usual, we had a picnic, swam and looked around a bit. What a perfect day! → read more

In a Lightning on Lake Päijänne

What does a Wayfarer sailor do in a Lightning? Well, at least not negotiating about a price! → read more


The water was still quite cool but the winds light. We had a trip to the springy Ilkonsaaret islands. During the return trip we watched an interesting event of a cargo ship bypassing a raft. → read more