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The Picks of the Season 2015

Writing this post the temperatures at the lake start to be at same level as the Barents Sea temperatures in summer, that makes it wiser for us to stay ashore. Washed and cleaned Sarastus is waiting for the next spring. We have explored several new waters during the summer and gained new experiences. Now it’s time to look back, to have an overview of the sailing season. → read more

The Scenic Waters of Ireland

How does it sound to you, to sail in a beautiful scenery together with foreign sailors, who enjoy spending time on water? This kind of experience is possible in Wayfarer International Rally, which takes place annually either on the waters of Europe or North America. In this September the destination was Lough Derg in Ireland, where Wayfarer sailors gathered, not only from the British Isles, but also from the continental Europe and North America. The event is for the friends of cruising sailing, as the racers have Wayfarer Worlds. → read more


What makes you wake up at 5:00 am at weekend? Probably there are many good reasons, but in my case it was seeing the clearest water of the big lakes in Finland. It was still a dawn and the rest of the family was sleeping, when I cooked up porridge, ate breakfast and started to prepare Sarastus for the day trip to Puruvesi, which is two hours drive from us. → read more


Family sailing sets its own limits to the conditions. We had to notice that yesterday, when the wind was stronger than expected. With two or three experienced adults the situation would have been different, but now we would have had children aboard. After spending around 30 minutes admiring the white caps from the breakwater, we decided to headed back to home. That was quite frustrating after all the preparations and driving, but there are surely many great sailing trips waiting for us in the future. → read more

Listinki and Satamosaari

It was August and the weather conditions have improved clearly since the record-breaking cool and rainy July. We launched Sarastus and headed for Listinki island, where we arrived in a gentle breeze. → read more


Weather in this summer has not been that great, but fortunately there have been some good days too. Thw week started with two of them, and we decided to head for the Linnansaari National Park in the northern waters of Saimaa. Sarastus traveled well on the trailer without any issues. Its mahogany surface lured couple of locals, when we refilled the car at Lohilahti service station. They couldn’t believe, that the boat was twenty years old already. → read more


By one of the traits leading to Puumala there is an island called Äyrätsalo situated. There is a sheltered long lagoon on its west shore. The entrance to the lagoon has maximum depth of about 1.5 metres, but the deepest point there is almost 10 metres. There is a small sandy beach at end if it, where it’s nice to start swimming. On the southern side of the cape bordering the lagoon there is a longer sandy beach, which is a perfect place for swimming and watching sunset. → read more