Hyvässä slöörissä · sailing dinghy cruising


Pullikainen island is a nice destination for daytrips in the southern Lake Saimaa. The breeze was light and the temperatures relatively high. It was another great sailing trip. → read more

Dyneema Halyard

Sarastus had a metal main halyard with a helper rope. The halyard wire had a loop, secure it to the halyard rack on the mast. For some reason racing sailors prefer metal halyards over rope ones, but myself I couldn’t get comfortable with securing the halyard to the rack after raising the mainsail. Many cruising sailors replace the metal halyard with a rope, that not only makes raising the sail more comfortable, but also allows reefing the main. Fixed-length metal wire is far from an ideal solution for reefing. → read more


The first hot weekend of this summer came finally. On Friday it was between a strong breeze and moderate gale, but by the evening the weather became more optimal for family sailing. The westerly breeze let us sail to Laajahiekka without any tacks. In front of Lintusalo island we were shown a beautiful sunset too. → read more


We decided to try an overnight sailing trip as a family. By careful planning and packaging all the sleeping bags, the tent and food fit into the bow and aft lockers of Sarastus, all the gear fitted in very well. → read more


The forecast predicted nice conditions between the two stormy days, that made us have a day trip in Sarastus to Kaito island, which is located behind some shallow and rocky waters. Southwestern breeze allowed us to sail without tacking, that made us get through the shallows smoothly. → read more


The school year ended and the sailing season was started. As the surface water temperature was almost 15°C and there was a light breeze, we decided to have a short day sailing trip. We launched Sarastus and headed for Päihänniemi peninsula, to have a picnic there. The wind was blowing from the northwest, that made the local weather on the southern beach was really warm. It felt really like a summer already. → read more

Cold Waters

The springlike weather outdoors starts to be at its best and the last remains of the ice vanished weeks ago. When watching the blue open lake in a warm sunny day, not many boaters can resist the thought of launching for the first trip. However, there is a glacial fact slowing down your enthusiasm, namely water temperature. → read more