Hyvässä slöörissä · sailing dinghy cruising

Spring on the Horizon

It’s good to start the sailing season with a flower theme again. I don’t know, if this early flowering is related to the famous climate change. Whatever, something similar has happened in the Gulf of Finland too, where the first paddlers and sailors had a “false start” for the season. At Lake Saimaa the launchings have to wait still, because the lake is covered by 30 cm ice. The trend looks promising overall. → read more

The Dinghy Cruising Companion

Last year Roger Barnes published a book about dinghy cruising, named as The Dinghy Cruising Companion. Many consider it as a classic right from the beginning. The book covers practically all fields of dighy cruising well-informed and accurate way. → read more

Team Vestas Wind Grounded

Volvo Ocean Race is likely the most followed around the world like sailing race, which lasts for several calendar months, and is sailed every three years. The current race started in October 19th 2014 in Alicante Spain and ends in Gothenburg Sweden. There are seven multinational teams, that sail under certain national flags. It’s a one-class race for Volvo Ocean 65 boats, which is a 67 feet long and 10,750 kg (23,700 lb) heavy hi-tech sailboat. You can follow the teams real-time in the web page or with smart phone. The race news center produces several videos every day and you can watch them easily in Volvo Ocean Race page on Youtube. → read more

Wayfarer Worlds in Canada

What kind of operation is it to transport a sailing dinghy over the Atlantic Ocean to Canada, where Wayfarer Worlds sailing race is held? I’m not considering such an operation, because I’m more into cruising than racing, but one of Sarastus’ earlier owners (Peter Morse) took the boat there in 1995. A report of the race can be found in the Wayfarer International website. It’s quite incredible, that Sarastus has been sailing at two continents already! And who knows, what the future has prepared for her. → read more


Who said, that the sailing season was over? Even if the weekends have been busy recently, we decided to have another cruise to celebrate the warm autumn weather. → read more

Autumn Thoughts

Even if sailing is a wonderful way of enjoying of the Finnish nature, from time to time weather and other chores change priorities. Since the end of my summer holiday, Sarastus has been on the trailer. According to Finland’s Environmental Administration, surface water temperature at Saimaa is still 17.6°C, that’s an acceptable temperature still, even if a wetsuit might not be a bad idea soon. During the summer, the waters were so warm, that you could even swim for several hours in middle of the lake without any significant risk of hypothermia. As the autumn progresses, the effect of cold water has to be acknowledged, especially because often there are children aboard. → read more

Bilberry Sail

What’s common between the waves of Lake Saimaa and bilberries? Well, the color, of course! For some time we had planned a “blue” sailing trip to an island. Our destination ended up to be Hietasaari, because it was one of the few places, where I had seen bilberries this year. For some reason bilberry crop is very modest this year, but fortunately there are places, that have them abundantly still. → read more