Hyvässä slöörissä · sailing dinghy cruising


One of the advantages of the boats, that can be moved on trailer, is that you can choose your starting point quite freely. If the waters in front of your home marina start to feel too familiar, you can look for a new launching place bit further and start sailing from there. We decided to choose this approach at this time. We towed Sarastus to Ahvionsalmi strait, where there is a sandy boat ramp near the ferry line. The ramp wasn’t perfect, because of gently sloping shore, power line and a tall bushy birch, but despite of them the launching was a fairly straightforward job. → read more


Recently Taipalsaari local council published a change plan draft for general master plan of Great Saimaa. The change plan is related to Ilkonsaaret and Myhkiönsaari islands. Its objective is to develop the area so, that it could be profiled as a peaceful trip destination. To reach these goals, building piers and more Greek Orthodox builds were proposed. → read more

Circumnavigation of Kyläniemi

The Lake Saimaa fleet of the Russian Empire had a problem after end of the Russo-Swedish War (1741-1743). Most of the waters between Lappeenranta and Savonlinna belonged to Russian Empire, but the strategic Puumala strait was controlled by Sweden. After some decades there was a new war and both of the powers tried to expand their territories, but the war ended without any changes to the border lines. → read more

The Bolt-Hole

Recently Wall Street Journal nominated the great five lakes of the world, that was noticed by Finnish press too. Here are WSJ’s choices: → read more


We chose to sail in the northern part of Saimaa (counting Saimaa as the water area south of Puumala). Nice crosswind took is to Hietasaari, where our time was used for eating, swimming and exploring the island. Name “Hietasaari” can be translated as Sandy Island, that represents the island well, because it consists of many beaches but also of big rocks. During the afternoon it was thundering far, but fortunately Hietasaari area didn’t get any rain or lightning, although wind was stormy for some time. → read more


Our journey began with east wind of 3-4 m/s (5 knots, Force 3), that allowed us reaching most of the time. Our destination was Pullikainen island, which is one of the most popular destinations in the southern Lake Saimaa. The island has an interesting lagoon, which is accessible by keelboats too, even if the route there is very narrow. We chose the southwestern beach for beaching instead of the lagoon, because sand is a more convenient place to beach for a dinghy. East wind also made the shore very sheltered. We looked around and saw several boats in the lagoon. → read more

Dinghies for Adults

Recently Finnish Vene magazine featured three sailing dinghies, that are popular in Finland. The article included Windmill, Snipe and Lightning, that all have their special characteristics. As an owner of a Wayfarer dinghy I was missing the fourth boat in the review, but still the article was interesting to read. In last autumn I was considering different sailing dinghy options myself and the final decision was made between Lightning and Wayfarer. → read more