Hyvässä slöörissä · sailing dinghy cruising


We departed the bay early in the morning. Weather was gorgeous, but from the perspective of sailing the progress was so slow, that we decided to choose the nearby Ylä-Lyly island as our destination. The island was unknown for us and we were bit uncertain, if there would be a proper spot for beaching. We didn’t have an anchor with us. At the southeastern side of the island there is a horn of rough sand. On the sunny side of the peninsula there was a lonely motorboat owner sunbathing nude, that made us to choose a different place. On the other side of the peninsula there was a good spot for beaching and we landed there. The shore was quite stony in front of the beach. Fortunately we found couple of logs, that were suitable as rollers, to help pulling the boat to the beach. → read more

The Moody Finnish Summer Weather

I have been reading Frank Dye’s book Sailing to the Edge of Fear, in which he shares his observation, that Wayfarer makes it easier to meet local people. That seems to be true. For some reason Wayfarer seems to catch the interest and sympathy of people. In case of keel boats I can’t remember experienced the same. → read more


The first cruise was quite unsuccessful by many ways, but that shouldn’t discourage us. I sent some questions about the rig and lines to the previous owner of the dinghy, and he responded with excellent instructions. I tested them on ground and the results were so promising, that we decided to head for Satamosaari on next Sunday. The forecast predicted wind speed of around 3-5 m/s (3 Beauforts) and partly cloudy sky. → read more

The First Cruise

Finally the day came, when weather and schedule permitted having the first cruise by Wayfarer on the Finnish waters. We towed the dinghy to the local bay, where we stepped the mast. It must be said, that setting up the lines was a tricky and time-consuming task. Before the next sail, it would be good to study and test the rig on ground, especially about the mainsail and boom lines. There are so many have-to-be-known issues related to them. → read more

Signs of Spring

First, it’s worth reassure you, that this blog won’t be a flower blog. Still, appearance of coltsfoots at end of March in this part of Finland is such a rare phenamenon, that it’s worth sharing, especially as it’s the first flower of the Finnish spring. Normally they are seen at end of April or in early May. Their appearance is a relatively significant event, that is recognized by the local media often. → read more

23 centimeters left

The Finnish Environment Administration measures Finnish lakes ice thickness three times per month. This winter has been unusually warm, that is also reflected in the thinning of the ice. Ice thickness of Lake Saimaa at Lauritsala is 23 centimeters anymore, although the statistical average reading for this time of year is 47 cm. Is that because of global warming or something else — I don’t know. However, the spring and the sailing season are coming! → read more


After being transported in a cargo ship the Wayfarer arrived at Turku port in Finland, where the freight was unloaded. I drove there and the dinghy was waiting for me in a good condition next to a warehouse. Dealing with Mann Lines staff was fluent and convenient. They were friendly and even curious about my “canoe”, which probably doesn’t represent their typical freight. Overall, I’m very pleased with the service of Mann Lines. → read more