Hyvässä slöörissä · sailing dinghy cruising


After being transported in a cargo ship the Wayfarer arrived at Turku port in Finland, where the freight was unloaded. I drove there and the dinghy was waiting for me in a good condition next to a warehouse. Dealing with Mann Lines staff was fluent and convenient. They were friendly and even curious about my “canoe”, which probably doesn’t represent their typical freight. Overall, I’m very pleased with the service of Mann Lines. → read more

Trip to British Isles

After following boat sales sites for few months I decided to visit the British Isles eventually at end of January, to check out the different options. It might have been wiser to visit there before Christmas, because after the New Year some interesting boats were sold rapidly. → read more

Dinghy to Finland?

So, Wayfarer sailing dinghy looked like an interesting option, but the first challenge was, where to find one. In the Finnish Internet boat markets, there were no Wayfarers for sale or even an option to search for such a boat. It seemed, that the options were few. Either you had to ask someone to bring it or transfer it by yourself. Building or having it built didn’t seem like realistic options, because of required time, costs and licenses. Windmill dinghy can be made of glass fiber or wood and is good for hobby boat builders, but Wayfarer is harder. Also my own experience in building sailboats was limited to bark boats. For those, who are interested in building a Wayfarer with an official sail number, the best option, according to Wooden Wayfarer Restoration Manual, is to buy an old one in bad condition and practically built it from scratch. → read more

Dinghy Dreams

Last year I started considering having a sailing dinghy, because Finnish Lakeland is such a unique place in the world. Sailing dinghies are handy, because for their very shallow draft you can sail to many places, that are tricky to approach or to beach by an expensive keelboats. As Lightning is a popular class in Finland, it looked like a good choice. Still, I wanted to find out, what other alternatives there are available. The criterion was suitability for cruising, safety, big enough crew size and well-established class. → read more