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The centerboard of SCAMP can be shaped two different ways. The easier way is to use a flattened foil when thickness is chosen to be 33 mm. More challenging way is to shape the centerboard according to NACA 008-34 foil when the thickness has to be greater, possibly 36 mm. True foil improved hydrodynamics of the underwater parts that presumably makes the boat bit faster. There is also a separate centerboard and rudder kit available that would save you from the joy of shaping.

I chose the flattened foil with thickness of 33 mm. A combination of 12 mm + 9 mm + 12 mm plywoods seemed like a good way to go.

Cutting the pieces

Lofting the centerboard was the very first part of the project. For drawing the first plywood sheet I used a 120 cm square, an ordinary ruler and self-made cardboard molds for drawing the circular corners. This concept worked fairly well, although a smaller and more agile square would be handy in addition to the big one.

Outline of the centerboard and the used tools

More to be translated from the Finnish page.

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