Hyvässä slöörissä · sailing dinghy cruising


After a long time we decided to have an overnight trip to Puruvesi. We launched Sarastus at Ruokkee and started to run across Hummonselkä towards Linnasaari island. During the journey we admired a beautiful sunset and moonrise.

Twilight turned into darkness that increased the challenge of navigation, especially as the navigational aids on the maps didn’t match with those in the water. According to Navionics all the marks should have been east marks while the old nautical chart didn’t have any marks at all. Well, with help of common sense and peaceful progressing we managed to get to the Linnansaaru lagoon safely. Especially sailing across the water in tailwind during the twilight was a magnificent experience for the whole family.

Twilight after sunset
Approaching to Linnasaari

The peace of nature ended at the lagoon. There was a group of young people playing music loud at their campfire. Fortunately they made it quieter around midnight. By the morning they were gone, leaving only a pile of beverage cans and a tent behind. Hope, they got to their destination safely.


The forecast predicted strong thundering for the end of the day. After swimming and having a picnic we decided to start the journey across the Hummonselkä back to Ruokkee. In the beginning of the journey something strange happened. In front of Linnasaari our progress stopped and the boat shifted laterally. After tacking the speed came back. Probably we were stuck in a fishing net which got loose as the course changed.

in the late afternoon we arrived at the slipway and drove back to home. In the midnight the thunderstorm came. I have never seen such a lightning before. Good that we got back in time.

Ruokkee → Linnasaari