Hyvässä slöörissä · sailing dinghy cruising


Weather has been expectionally warm that has made the waters to warm up fast. We had a trip to Taka-Ruuho which is one of the three Ruuhonsaaret islands. There we were surprised by a traditional boat gathering which had occupied almost the whole sandy beach area. They told that that’s their annual tradition. Well, there was enough space for us. Weather was nice and the trip relaxing. → read more


Cockoo is singing. The light green shades of the leafy trees at shore are well visible. The sun is shining in the blue sky. Sailing in May has its special charm which fades as the summer goes on. Right before the Mothers’ Day the weather was exceptionally warm and also the surface water had reached to about 12°C, so we had a short trip to Päihänniemi peninsula. A light breeze winged us there but during the way back the wind died completely. Well, the always reliable rye bread engine brought us back, accompanied by birdsongs. What a magnificient day! → read more

Siberia retreats

Seems that arctic weather has been defeated finally and the sailing season starts to be at the doors. Two years ago the surface water temperature of the local lake reached 12°C in early May but this year the same level is going to be catched up at the end of May, according to the forecast. If eastern airmass is dominates Finnish weather during this summer there is hope of hot weather. → read more

The Picks of the Season 2017

If you want to mention something positive about the previous summer, you can say that at least there wasn’t any need to water the vegetable garden. Nevertheless we had many nice trips with Sarastus on Lake Saimaa. Here are the highlights of the season. → read more


After a long time we decided to have an overnight trip to Puruvesi. We launched Sarastus at Ruokkee and started to run across Hummonselkä towards Linnasaari island. During the journey we admired a beautiful sunset and moonrise. → read more

Around Kyläniemi

As the forecast predicted a nice weather and we didn’t have other commitments, Sarastus was launched and we headed for Peräsaari which is protected from southern winds. Right after beaching a short shower caught us but tall rock of the island provided shelter from it. We had a picnic, swam and returned sailing on the northern side of Kyläniemi peninsula. It’s long since we sailed around it previous time. → read more

Pieni Metsäluoto

Our children had wished to make a trip to Pieni Metsäluoto islet for a long time. We saw it in summer 2015 when sailing from Listinki to Satamosaari and they got fascinated by it. So, as the weather was good we headed for the islet in a moderate breeze. We had a stop at Ylä-Lyly where we saw nude sunbathers (again). → read more