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Merisirri is a SCAMP class sailing dinghy, currently being built.

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SCAMP is known for its excellent stability and buoyancy, compared to other sailing dinghies. The simple lug rig makes it possible to complete a launch in ten minutes, and recovering should be around as fast too. For a family sailor those are welcome characteristics, as well as the easy handleability for children too. The boat can be stored in a small garage and isn’t too heavy for a small family car to tow.

Name Merisirri
Revision Mk I (with some features from Mk II)
Designer John Welsford
Build year (being built)
Builder self-built
Hull planing
Material plywood (gaboon)
Rig balanced lug
Blocks Selden
LOA 3.63 m (11 ft 11 inches)
Beam 1.63 m (5 ft 4 in)
Draft 0.18 m (7 in) centerboard and rudder up
0.86 m (34 in) otherwise
Hull weight 190 kg (420 lbs)
Ballast 77 litres of water
Mast height 5.0 m (16 ft 5 in)
Sail area 9.3 m² (100 sq ft)
Auxiliary propulsion oars
Launching time 10 minutes (unconfirmed)
Crew 1-3 adults in inland waters
Load capacity 410 kg in sheltered waters, 270 kg elsewhere

So far the most dauntless sailing trip in a SCAMP took place in Tierra del Fuego where Southern Cross boat had a voyage of several weeks. Tierra del Fuego is where the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans meet making this region one of the stormiest places on earth. Southern Cross has many customizations to make it suitable to survive in the severe conditions of the area.

The boat is designed for home builders primarily. Its building process is very well describled on the manual and the plans. Starting from year 2011 over 450 SCAMP plans have been sold around the world.

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