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Sarastus is a Wayfarer class dinghy made of marine plywood. I found her in United Kingdom from where she was brought to Finland in a container ship to Finland in winter 2014. You can find the record of that on the early posts of this blog.

The boat was built in 1987 as a racing dinghy, and she was taken to races in Canada even. Since buying some modifications have been made to make her more suitable for cruising.

Her name Sarastus means literally “Dawn” in English, but is also the Finnish name chosen for the ship “Dawn Treaded” in Chronicles of Narnia, which is a classic of British children’s literature.

Suuri Lintusaari

Many prefer to have outboards on their Wayfarers, but Sarastus uses the well-trusted rye-bread-powered motor. In other words, two paddles are used when the sails are lowered or wind dies. It may be worth mentioning that in Finland the effect of tides is almost nil.

Name Sarastus
Class Wayfarer
Model Mark 1
Designer Ian Proctor
Build year 1987
Builder Porters
Hull planing
Material plywood (Brazilian mahogany)
Rig Bermuda
Blocks Harken
LOA 4.85 m (16 ft)
Beam 1.83 m (1.9 ft)
Draft 0.20 m (8.0 in) centreboard and rudder raised
1.17 m (3 ft 10 in) otherwise
Hull weight 169 kg (373 lb)
Mast height 6.8 m (22 ft)
Sail area mainsail 8.8 m2
genoa 2.8 m2
spinnaker 13.5 m2
Auxiliary propulsion paddles
Launching time 20-40 minutes
Crew 2-5 adults inland waters

Wayfarer is one of the most famous camp cruising dinghies, partly because of Frank Dye’s foolhardy voyage from Scotland to Iceland that can be read from his book. In British Isles Wayfarer is widely used by sailing schools and families.

For a do-it-yourself man dreaming of building a wooden boat, Wayfarer is not an attractive option anymore because kits have not been sold for decades. Nowadays the best option for a building project might be restoring an old Wayfarer or building something close enough. Iain Oughtred’s Fulmar (video) is very similar but bit longer, John Welsford’s Navigator can be made look similar, and François Vivier’s Ilur has is an increasingly popular option.

If you are interested in Wayfarers, it’s worth reading the article in the Classic Boat magazine or even buying The Wayfarer Book.

Canada 1995
From England
The first launch
Test sail
At Petrisaari


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24.6.2017 Kaito Suur-Saimaa
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20.8.2016 Kaunissaari Gulf of Finland 17,5 M
30.7.2016 Suuri-Pisi Gulf of Finland 20.1 M
23.7.2016 Hietasaari Suur-Saimaa 11.2 M
2.7.2016 Pullikainen Suur-Saimaa 19.6 M
28.5.2016 Ilkonsaaret Suur-Saimaa 19.6 M
7.5.2016 Satamosaari in May Suur-Saimaa 9.2 M
23.8.2015 Petrisaari Puruvesi 21.4 M
16.8.2015 U-turn Puruvesi 0.0 M
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